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Arenal Hanging Bridges & Hot Spring

Private tours every day
From 06:30 am to 7:30 pm.
Tour Include
Round trip transportation, breakfast, bilingual tour guide, drinks aboard, entrace to the hanging bridges, lunch and hot spring in Tabacon.
What to Bring
Copy of your passport, swimsuit, long or short pants, sandals, hiking or tennis shoes, bugs repellent, change of clothing, camera and towels.
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The Arenal Hanging Bridges are easily accessible hiking over the rain forest. we will pick you up early in the morning at 6:30 am and we will drive for 3 hours and 30 minutes with some stops for photo opportunities. The bridges were designed according to the highest standards of security and are made of aluminum, galvanized steel and concrete. There are 16 bridges in total. Ten of them are regular or static bridges and vary in length from eight to 22 meters. Six are hanging or suspension bridges and are 48 to 98 meters long. The hanging bridges have an elegant and safe design and were constructed according to the latest and most modern techniques.

This walk is a fun and educative option to learn more about the forest and the local environment and enjoy the close contact with nature. The trail makes a loop with a total length of 3100 meters within the mountainous area. Along these three kilometers of trails you will be immersed in the divers fauna and flora of the rainforest and admire exotic animals, colorful birds and tropical plant species. While you're walking along the trails, the fascinating world of the tropical forest will open to you. After this exoctic world you will enjoy a delicius lunch in the town of "La Fortuna" afer lunch we will pass to the hot spring in Tabacon Thermal Reosrt where you will relax the rest of the day.