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Travelling to Costa Rica is an exciting experience, allowing you to see the beautiful landscape, amazing beaches and vibrant towns and cities. Here at Guanacaste Viajes & Tours, we want to ensure you have the best possible experience and that’s why we are rated as Excellent by TripAdvisor for our services.
We have worked for over a decade helping people who need reliable airport transfers and tours around Costa Rica. We have a small but dedicated team of staff who are here to help you in any way possible – from the start of the booking process to the end of the vacation. Every contact with us is to the highest customer service standards and this has led to the recognition from TripAdvisor as the Best Transportation Company in our area.

Our Services

Day Tours

During your vacation in Costa Rica, look for the best tours and activities to enjoy. Discover the country’s incredible landscapes, experience its unique culture, and create unforgettable memories. From hiking to zip-lining, there are so many exciting things to do. Take the time to explore everything this beautiful country has to offer and make the most of your vacation!

Honeymoon Travel​​ ↗

Unlock the best deal for newlyweds in Costa Rica with our exclusive honeymoon package! Enjoy a romantic getaway, complete with unbeatable prices. Our honeymoon service guarantees a memorable experience that will make your special day even more special. Take advantage of this special offer and explore the beauty of Costa Rica with the one you love.

Family Transportation ↗

Are you planning a trip to Costa Rica with your family and need to get to your destination from any Airport in Costa Rica? No problem! Our team can assist you in finding the perfect form of transportation. Let us know your preferences, and we’ll do our best to make your trip as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Wedding Transportation ↗

For your special day, we will arrange wedding airport transportation in Costa Rica using luxurious vehicles, vans, and buses. We’ll make sure your transportation is coordinated and seamless, so you can focus on enjoying your wedding.

Private Transfers ↗

If you would like to book a private airport transfer from the airport in Costa Rica, you can do so with the convenience of having no other passengers and no waiting in line at the airport. This can be a great choice if you value comfort, privacy, and efficiency, and it can help you start or end your trip in Costa Rica on a relaxing and stress-free note.

Business Travel Transportation ↗

These options can help business travelers get to meetings and events efficiently and comfortably. Services may be tailored to meet specific needs, such as providing luxury vehicles or flexible scheduling. Choosing the right transportation can help make the most of a business trip and stay productive on the go.

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