The Diamante Adventure Zip Line is the only ocean view dual Zip Line. With the dual lines you can share this experience with your family and friends, riding side by side. The course is considered best in class and known for its soaring lines that deliver guests extremely long ride times.

This ACCT certified course includes a superman line, a free fall “Quick Jump” and Hanging Bridge over crocodiles all with amazing views. The team of trained guides and state-of-the-art equipment enhances the entire experience.


  •  Most Zip Line Ride Time
  • Safe & ACCT Approved
  • State of the Art Self Braking Systems
  • Quick Fall Bungee Jump
  • Bilingual & Certified Guides
  • Superman: 1, 360 meters / 4,461 feet – almost 1 mile long and ocean view.
  • Quick Jump: Free fall down a 30-foot tower like a bungee jump.

Diamante Adventure Zip Line Tour

Transportation From: Secrests Papagayo Resort, Occidental Papagayo Hotel, Villas Sol Beach Hotel, Condovac La Costa, Playa Hermosa, Coco Beach. Other Destination upon request.

What to bring: Short pants, sun block, sun glasses, comfortable shoes, mosquitoes repellent and cameras.

Important Info: All children 18 and under must have parental or guardian sign the Diamante waiver and provide consent for all activities.

Zip Line restrictions: Minimum weight is 60 lbs (27 kilos) for the short lines and Quick Jump and 85 lbs (40 kg) to do the entire circuit, including superman. Maximun weight for zip line is 280 lbs (130 kg)


From: $82.00

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