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Flying out from Liberia Guanacaste Airport

Guanacaste Travel And tours
Guanacaste Travel And tours

When traveling internationally, it is essential to plan and arrive at the airport three hours before the scheduled departure time. For domestic flights, arriving an hour before the scheduled departure time is recommended. In either case, make sure to have a valid passport with you.

About the departure tax in Costa Rica?

You should also check if the departure tax in Costa Rica is included in your ticket price. If you still need to pay the fee of US $29.00, you can do so at the Banco de Costa Rica office located in the airport lobby. Different airlines have varying rules and regulations regarding luggage dimensions, allowable weights, and the number of bags allowed per passenger. Contact your airline directly for more information about their guidelines. Once you have checked in for your flight, you will proceed to the departure migration inspection counter, where you will present your passport and boarding pass.

At the security checkpoint, you will be required to scan your carry-on baggage. To ensure a smooth inspection process, remove any metallic items, coins, keys, watches, and electronic devices from your person and place them in the inspection trays. These items will be scanned by an x-ray machine, along with the passenger. After passing through security, you can proceed to the boarding room assigned for your flight. Remember to double-check your boarding pass for the correct gate number and boarding time.

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