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Know the Iris Billed Toucan with Costa Rica tour for families programs

Know the Iris Billed Toucan with Costa Rica tour for families programs

The Keel-Billed Toucan, also known as the Iris-Billed Toucan or Tucán Pico Iris in Spanish, is one of the most iconic and recognizable birds found in Costa Rica.This large, colorful toucan is the second largest of the six toucan species that inhabit Costa Rica. With Costa Rica tour for families, you are going to be able to spot these amazing and gorgeous Toucans in the best National Parks that Costa Rica has to offer. There are no doubts that these tours are the perfect way to enjoy from a magnificent adventure!

The Iris-billed toucan, also known as the “pichilingo” in Costa Rica, is a beautiful and unique bird species that can be found in the stunning forests of Costa Rica. One of the best places to spot them is in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, where they inhabit the lush tropical forests.

One of the best ways to see these magnificent birds is by taking a guided tours in Costa Rica Guanacaste. There are many tours that offer birdwatching tours in the area. Which can provide you with an opportunity to see these colorful toucans in their natural habitat. These tours are led by experienced guides who can help you spot and identify different bird species, including the Iris-billed toucan.

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Costa Rica is a magnificent country located at Centro America that in the past years has become very popular. Here at Costa Rica, tourists are finding the best way to enjoy their vacations. There are no doubts that at this beautiful country they can have a magnificent adventurer that they will never forget. Costa Rica is one of those countries that will make you feel in a paradise. Thanks to the help of Costa Rica tours in Guanacaste you can easily get to enjoy from this amazing adventure.

Where to find the Iris Billed Toucan during Costa Rica tour for families?

The Keel-Billed Toucan, is one of the most iconic and recognizable birds found in Costa Rica. This large, colorful toucan is the second largest of the six toucan species that inhabit Costa Rica.

Keel-Billed Toucans can be found throughout much of Costa Rica, but they are especially common in the lowland and foothill rainforests on the Caribbean slope, as well as in the more humid forests of northern Guanacaste province. They are often spotted in the Rincón de la Vieja and Monteverde areas, and can even be seen in the Central Valley around San José, including on the grounds of hotels like Villa San Ignacio. There are some tips that you can use in order to identify these toucans during Costa Rica tours in Guanacaste programs:

  • These toucans are easy to identify thanks to their massive, rainbow-colored beaks that make up about a third of their total body length.
  •  Their bodies are mostly black with red and white patches at the base of the tail.
  • They have bright yellow faces and necks with some green around the eyes.
  •  They also have distinctive blue feet.
  • Keel-Billed Toucans are highly social birds, often traveling in small flocks of up to 6 individuals.

More interesting facts to know about Costa Rica tour for families and Iris Billed Toucans

They can be spotted hopping from branch to branch in the forest canopy. Using their large, lightweight beaks to pluck fruits, insects, small lizards, and even eggs and nestlings of other birds.

Their unique zygodactyl feet, with two toes facing forward and two facing back. Help them maintain balance as they move through the treetops.

Costa Rica is truly a beautiful country that actually counts with many great and beautiful locations. When it comes to travelling to Costa Rica, you will find yourself inside a country with a good amount of locations to visit.

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Another great thing about this country is that. Inside all of the places that you can visit, you can also find many great activities. Thanks to all of this, there are no doubts that while visiting Costa Rica, you will never get bored. Here you can truly be able to live an adventurer’s path.

Costa Rica will offer you many great activities to be part of at some of the most majestic locations. With lots of activities, you will never get bored at all while visiting such an amazing country. Some of the best activities that you can be part of while visiting Costa Rica, are the following:

With those activities,  you will be surely enjoying all of your Costa Rica tours in Guanacaste.

What else should you know?

These toucans are an important part of Costa Rica’s diverse ecosystem. Acting as seed dispersers that help regenerate the rainforests.They are a popular sight for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts on Costa Rica tours in Guanacaste and throughout the country.

Hiring a local guide can greatly increase your chances of spotting these colorful, charismatic birds during your visit to Costa Rica. With Costa Rica tours in Guanacaste Programs you will truly be able to live an amazing and epic adventure.

At this beautiful tropical country, you can be finding yourself visiting lots of unique and gorgeous places. Having a Costa Rica adventure is an experience that you will surely never forget. There are no doubts that here, you will totally enjoy everything what this country has to offer. In order to enjoy from all of this, it is always good to have a great method to travel inside Costa Rica.

Another great thing is there here you can truly live an amazing adventure an also, enjoy from the biodiversity.  This is the perfect place to visit if you are trying to live an unforgettable experience.

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