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Costa Rica adventure to the National Monument of El Farallón

Guanacaste Viajes offers the best private transportation services and Costa Rica shuttles from the Liberia airport to the best hotels in the beautiful province.

When the sun goes down, the beauty of Guanacaste brings unique moments that will make you enjoy a nice afternoon and fill your phone’s memory with a lot of photographs of nature, from the city of Liberia to Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

However, the real beauty of this province is in its history, and you’ll find archeological proof of the Costa Rican culture all around the place. You can schedule a quick Liberia airport shuttle service to get to these magnificent places.

There are a lot of monuments that stand out about in the lovely area, so in order to explore Costa Rica through our airport transfer services, it’s important to know all about them before scheduling a Costa Rica shuttle.

In this article, we bring you all the information you need about one of the most relevant national monuments in the whole country of Costa Rica: El Farallón.

What is El Farallón?

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This is a magical place that combines the beauty of the tropical dry forest with modern archeological wonders.

El Fallaron is characterized for the singularity of its artwork carved in rocks, and also for the popular wisdom that is reflected through the ancient drawings.

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This rocky wall is known for having huge dimensions (20 mts long and 6 mts tall) with drawings of groove techniques, high and low relief.

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Where is El Farallón Located

This national monument is located in the city of Caña, Guanacaste. It has a great amount and variety of petroglyphs. This is due to the prehispanic cultures that lived in this place during the first years of the Christian Age until 800 years A.D.

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Historic relevance

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The National Monument of El Farallón is an archeological site discovered in 1987 by the National Costa Rica Museum (MNCR) in the town of Cedros, Guanacaste.

The particularity of the place is that here you can find a rocky wall that consists of 86 square meters of pure carved graphics, created by the first habitants of the area.

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Among the variety of the graphics, you’ll find anthropomorphic, zoomorphic and abstract figures. Some of the animals you’ll be able to recognize in these graphics include monkeys, birds, and fishes.

According to the investigations made by the MNCR, the ceramic material used to create this monument was found in the surroundings of the area. It is thought to be characteristic of the Bagaces period (300-800 A.D).

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El Farallón was declared a National Monument in 1998 due to its importance for understanding Costa Rica’s ancient history.

The discrete was both, a salute to the national relevance of the structure and a triumphant attempt on trying to protect it.

Schedule and prices

This beautiful historic place is open for the public from Tuesdays to Sundays from 8 in the morning to midday.

While organizing the planification for your Costa Rica vacations, make sure you don’t visit this monument on Mondays since it is closed.

To enter this place, tourists must pay a ticket price of $7, but national visitors can choose to pay 3000 colonies. Furthermore, for student groups, a special price will be accorded.

If you’re planning to include El Farallón in your Costa Rica adventure, you should also know that there are other services offered in this area.

The place includes camping services, free parking, a restaurant that serves the most delicious Costa Rican and international food and guided Costa Rica adventure tours that will tell you more about the historical monument.

This area also offers touristic information, so you know which place to visit next and outdoor activities like riding bicycles. 

Now that you know everything you need about the National Monument of El Farallón, you have to be a witness of this magical construction in Costa Rica.

It’s really easy, all you got to do is schedule a Costa Rica airport transfer that will take you to wherever you’re planning to go.

You can leave the rest to Guanacaste Viajes, the most trustworthy and safe Costa Rica adventure tours services company.

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