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Private Tours Costa Rica in Holy Week: Arenal Volcano National Park

Costa Rica is an incredible vacation destination; it has amazing private tours Costa Rica that allow you to live incredible adventures. Ecotourism is popular in Costa Rica, and so are national parks; in fact, they are some of the biggest attractions in the country. One of these parks is Arenal Volcano National Park; furthermore, a special time is coming: Holy Week, and it is a great time to visit.

An Amazing Destination for Private Tours Costa Rica: Arenal Volcano National Park

One destination you cannot fail to visit if you go to Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica, is Arenal Volcano National Park. Located in Alajuela Province, part of the park is also located in Guanacaste Province. It protects 30 thousand acres of territory including abundant wildlife and vegetation; however, probably the biggest attraction of the park is Arenal Volcano.

The park protects 8 life zones and the fact that it has an active volcano is a great attraction for tourists. It is considered to be one of the top ten active volcanoes of the world. In addition, there is another volcano in the park; nevertheless, it is inactive, it is known as Chato Volcano. Currently, on the inactive crater of this volcano, a gorgeous emerald lagoon has been formed for visitors to see.

The incredible Biodiversity of Arenal Volcano National Park

For starters, the park protects numerous animal species; in fact, of the majority of the bird species in Costa Rica, almost all of them can be spotted in this area. For this reason, this park is an incredible destination for bird watchers; in addition, there are numerous other animal species you can see.  There are monkeys, snakes, coatis, deer, jaguars, and many other species for you to see.

Regarding vegetation in the area, it is also very beautiful. You might spot cirri, laurel, and guayabo the monte, as well as many palm tree species; in addition, there are also orchids and bromeliads adorning the landscapes. There are also ferns, and many other plant species that you can witness over a hike. The rain forest of the park has numerous species that will surprise you with their beauty.

Private Tours Costa Rica in Arenal Volcano National Park

There are numerous tours you can go on in this park; for starters, hiking up the volcano is an option of private tours Costa Rica. You will be able to go sightseeing and take incredible pictures. However, there are numerous other adventures you can go on; one of them is going to the incredible hot springs. This is something you can do due to the volcanic activity in the area.

Private tours Costa Rica Service
Private tours Costa Rica Service

There are natural hot springs where you can take a relaxing bath and profit from the advantages of its minerals; they are said to have healing qualities. In addition, if you prefer a Costa Rica adventure tour, there are other options. You can also visit the incredible hanging bridges. From this height, you see the canopy, the different wildlife and incredible sights that will take your breth away.

Visiting Costa Rica in Holy Week

Holy Week will be celebrated from April 11 to April 20 this year, and it is a good time to visit. Costa Ricans are religious people, and this Christian tradition is largely celebrated in this country. During this time, Ticos get together and spend time with their families; in addition, there are also parades and celebrations that you can witness in the streets of some Costa Rican cities.

This is a perfect time to visit the country if you are interested in interacting with Ticos. During Holy Week or Semana Santa, Thursday and Friday are official holidays; thus, for many, the whole week is actually off. Therefore, many Ticos take the time to go to the beach or take well-deserved vacations. This is the perfect time to mix in with the Ticos while they are taking some time off.

Costa Rica Transportation during Holy Week

You might wonder what it is like to drive in Costa Rica during this time, or how Costa Rica transportation is. For starters, you will see more cars than usual, as this is a time when Ticos go on vacation. Furthermore, regarding the overall state of the roads, it is a good time to drive because of previous dry months; nevertheless, rains may be starting to appear.

If this abundant traffic is too overwhelming, remember that private transportation services in Costa Rica are of the highest quality; you can hire a private driver, choose car rental or shuttle services. Regardless of your choice, you know you will be comfortable. Private tours Costa Rica are suited for the adventurous and those needing to relax. Visit Arenal Volcano National Park, and you will have the time of your life!

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Private Tours Costa Rica in Holy Week: Arenal Volcano National Park
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