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Costa Rica private driver to the Waterfall of Oropendola

The province of Guanacaste is widely popular among tourists from all around the world in Costa Rica due to its natural gorgeousness. If you are looking for a Costa Rica private driver to fulfill your needs around the area, we got what you need.

On our web site, you will find out about all the airport transfers Costa Rica has to offer, with super affordable private transportation services that you can take to the best touristic centers in this place, including the Waterfall of Oropendola.

We help you with everything related to adventure tours Costa Rica trips so you can live through the best experiences in the fastest and most secure way, with a trustworthy Costa Rica private driver to take you anywhere you want.

The Waterfall of Oropendola has been key in tourism around the Liberia Costa Rica airport, and we guarantee the best Costa Rica shuttle to arrive safely here.

That’s why you need to schedule a Costa Rica transportation that takes all the stress off your shoulders. You only need to focus on having fun while you relax around the Guanacaste Costa Rica airport. Continue reading to find out all about the Costa Rica adventure tour to the Waterfall of Oropendola.

Quick transportation to this place

Costa Rica private driver

Guanacaste Viajes and Tours have been the most preferred Costa Rica airport shuttle company for many years due to the experienced Costa Rica private driver staff that will guide you through the beautiful province of Guanacaste.

We make sure you have the smoothest private transportation services of your life, ensuring your arrival to all of the Costa Rica adventure destinations that you are looking forward to visit during your stay around the Liberia Costa Rica airport.

In Guanacaste Viajes, we get how important is well thought planification to guarantee the success of a trip with a professional Costa Rica private driver.

That is why we help our clients through an informational guide on the many options for tourism that we offer a Costa Rica airport shuttle to.

In this article, we highlight one of these touristic experiences that you certainly must live through near the area of the Guanacaste Costa Rica airport: a Costa Rica adventure to the one of a kind Waterfall of Oropendola.

If you’re looking for speed and commodity, Guanacaste Viajes has the perfect balance of both factors, resulting in a great Costa Rica shuttle service to one of the best areas of this city.

We are referring to the gorgeous Waterfall of Oropendola, a place where you will experience a very detailed and complete Costa Rica adventure tour on one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Latin America.

Now, before scheduling that Costa Rica shuttle service, we will present you every single piece of information that you need to know of before visiting the Oropendola Waterfall.

What to expect from the Waterfall of Oropendola?

Costa Rica private driver

Oropendola is a natural pathway that has 1.3 km of extension with moderate traffic located by the Guanacaste Costa Rica airport. It is most popularly known for its beautiful waterfall, which is a view that every tourist should be a witness of.

In the words of our clients that have visited the Waterfall of Oropendola, it is a completely breathtaking place that has a lot of benefit, the main one being that it is easy to access. Your Costa Rica private driver will get you there quickly.

This is a Costa Rica airport transportation trip that we recommend for people of all ages, because the natural center offers a series of recreational options for everyone.

The best part of this Costa Rica shuttle service is that you can get here through our private transportation services for a very low cost.

The waters are perfect for swimming, which is why Costa Rican families usually come here to spend a day in tranquility. You don’t want to miss this peaceful area, so schedule now a Costa Rica shuttle service to this place.

You may have a relaxing time while swimming in the amazing blue water. Thanks to the suspension bridges, you can appreciate these water springs in a much wider spectrum through our Costa Rica airport transportation.

In case you decide to stay at the resort that is located near the waterfall, you will get free access to this and other 2 waterfalls near the area, as well as the very healthy and beneficial hot springs.

Visiting this unique place has been highly recommended by tourists from all around the globe. This place is destined for taking the sunrays in and chill. Schedule a Costa Rica private driver and enjoy this great destination.

Through rustic rails and hanging bridges you will be able to appreciate every bit of the 25 meters fall, ending in a nice turquoise pool where you are able to swim or even jump to from the rocks.

Hiring a Costa Rica transportation will ensure that you arrive securely with the best private tours Costa Rica has available for you right now.

Where is Oropendola located?

The Oropendola Waterfall can be found in the most notorious national parks and one of the best by the Liberia Costa Rica airport: the Rincon de la Vieja park, which we also have a Costa Rica shuttle and private transportation services to.

Your Costa Rica private driver will take you to the region of Las Pailas, where you will enjoy the one of a kind Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, the oldest and biggest volcano in Guanacaste.

The real wonder is found after your walk through the volcano ends, when your Costa Rica adventure tour takes you to a refreshing bath in the Waterfall of Oropendola.

Once you arrive here with your Costa Rica private driver, it’s a short walk through an irregular soil from the entrance of the Rincon de la Vieja National Park to the channel of the river that leads to this waterfall.

The 25 meters waterfall then goes into the White River Cannon, creating a beautiful turquoise cold-water pool that forms a very picturesque tropical paradise. Make sure to hire a Costa Rica private driver to get here.

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