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Private tours Costa Rica to the picturesque Arenal Lake

Lakes are such a relevant part of the nature in Costa Rica, and the province of Guanacaste is no exception. We will guide you through the picturesque Arenal Lake, so you can know what to expect from these private tours Costa Rica.

This natural phenomenon acts as a habitat for many plants, algae, and animal species, thus its social relevance. It is one of the best places to hire a Costa Rica private driver.

The Arenal Lake is so important to locals that it has become a part of the Costa Rican iconography, being one of the main representations of nature in Guanacaste.

You may be wondering: what is so special about this Arenal Lake that makes the habitants of Guanacaste love it and protect it so much? Well, you might want to keep reading to know.

Guanacaste Viajes is very popular amongst tourists because we provide the widest selection in private transportation services and Costa Rica shuttles to any of the multiple natural touristic attractions of this place, including Arenal Lake.

No matter where you want to go, whether it’s a natural park or one of the characteristic golden beaches of Guanacaste, we got the best Costa Rica transportation to make it happen with ease.

You are free to choose all the touristic centers that you want to visit and we will happily offer our Liberia airport shuttle service. Museums, plazas, and even drugstores are also places that we offer Costa Rica airport transfer too.

However, we especially recommend Arenal Lake, for its rare beauty and natural abundance. It is one of a kind adventure tour in Costa Rica that you don’t want to miss.

In this article, we will tell you about everything that you need to know about the Costa Rica adventure to Arenal Lake.

Where is Arenal Lake located?

Private tours Costa Rica

Arenal Lake is situated in the north region of Costa Rica, to the east of Guanacaste, right on the limits of the Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna.

Getting here can be a difficult process. You have to get through a couple of highways and pass through many cities to successfully arrive at this Arenal Lake. Without help, it seems almost impossible.

That’s why the private transportation services and every other Costa Rica transportation option that Guanacaste Viajes has for you will make all of your troubles disappear in order for you to have the best Costa Rica adventure.

What to expect to the private tours Costa Rica from Arenal Lake?

If we’re talking about places with beautiful nature, Costa Rica is internationally known for being the most paradisiac destiny when it comes to its ecology.

Arenal Lake is one of the best places on the world to practice Windsurf, joined by the Garda Like in Italy and the George Lake in the US.

Don’t doubt in planning a trip to this unique country filled with nature in the most rapid and secure way by booking a Liberia airport transportation with Guanacaste Viajes and Tours.

Thanks to its great surface, Arenal Lake is the largest lake in the country, being approximately 30 km long and 5 km wide, with an area of 85 square kilometers.

It is so easy to schedule a Costa Rica airport transfer that will take you to the Arenal Lake. Our website offers all the tools that you need to make it a very simple and almost automatic task.

The area that surrounds the lake is as wonderful as the water itself. This lake is embraced by incredible landscapes, rocky formations and dense mountains, making it an ideal destination if you’re visiting the town of La Fortuna in Costa Rica.

History of the lake

Private tours Costa Rica

Arenal Lake was formed due to tectonic movements that created a little depression in Arenal Valley, probably 2 or 3 million years ago.

This depression got filled with water by rain, creating a little lagoon that started to expand until it formed what we now know as the large Arenal Lake, that you can plan a Costa Rica adventure to through the easy tools of our portal.

An interesting fact is that the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity decided to augment the amplitude of this lake in 1973, to transform it into a hydroelectric project that nowadays produces more than 40 % of the energy in the country.

You can admire this important electricity center by scheduling a Costa Rica airport shuttle to this area.

Activities to do in the Arenal Lake

If you’re looking to experience exciting and unusual adventures by the area of La Fortuna in Costa Rica, Arenal Lake is the ideal place to create great unforgettable moments surrounded by the exuberating nature.

We present you a list of the best adventure tours in Costa Rica that you can live in the Arenal Lake through our Costa Rica shuttle service.


Would you like to participate in windsurfing activities in Costa Rica? Then a trip to Arenal Lake is the perfect option for you to take a Costa Rica adventure to.

This extreme water sport is especially interesting in the Arenal Lake because it has the water and strong breeze qualities that are required for a proper high-class windsurfing experience.

The best climatic conditions to practice this sport can be found in the dry season, that begins in December and ends in March. Make sure to schedule a Costa Rica airport transfer to the Arenal Lake during this season.


This is the best activity to enjoy with your family and friends on the Arenal Lake, which offers to its visitors the ideal conditions to live the best Costa Rica adventure possible.

It doesn’t matter if you have experience on Kayak or not, it’s an easy and wonderful way of getting in contact with water and marine wild life.

Besides, it acts as an excellent exercise on the lake, making it a complete experience that you certainly won’t want to miss. That is why you have to hire the service of one of our private tours Costa Rica to get to the Arenal Lake.

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Private tours Costa Rica to the picturesque Arenal Lake
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