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Costa Rica private driver to Selvatura’s Monteverde

Do you want to spend the best vacations of your life with your loved ones but you’re still not sure where to go? Well, search no further, because a Costa Rica adventure is just what we need. And we got the best Costa Rica private driver.

There are private tours Costa Rica provides for everybody, and our Costa Rica airport shuttle will allow you to experience every single Costa Rica adventure tour available in Guanacaste. Check out all the Costa Rica shuttle options in our site.

Accessibility and commodity are the perfect words to describe our private transportation services and adventure tours Costa Rica offers. You will definitely find a Costa Rica shuttle service that adapts to your necessities.

Whatever Costa Rica adventure tour you prefer, you will arrive to the touristic area of your preference as fast as possible, with the best Costa Rica private driver you will find in the surroundings of the Guanacaste Costa Rica airport.

You got multiples choices in adventure tours Costa Rica trips, such as the Tenorio Volcano National Park and the Rio Celeste Waterfall Costa Rica provides. Although these are both great options, there is one alternative that you can’t miss.

Selvatura’s Monteverde is a popular Costa Rica adventure filled with natural thrills that your Guanacaste Viajes Costa Rica private driver will be glad to take you to. Keep reading to find out why to pick this Costa Rica shuttle to Monteverde.

Why should I trust Guanacaste Viajes?

Costa Rica private driver

Our Costa Rica airport transfer company’s main priority is that you arrive securely to all of the private tours Costa Rica trips that Guanacaste has for you from the moment you get to the Liberia Costa Rica airport.

You don’t have to stress about the Costa Rica airport transportation and everything related with the help of our Costa Rica private driver, who will guide you through every single Costa Rica adventure tour that you have in mind for your holiday.

It doesn’t matter what budget you got for your Costa Rica shuttle service. Our Costa Rica transportation is as high quality as it is affordable. We make your Costa Rica adventure dreams come true for a very low and accessible price for all.

This allows you to experience all the best attractions around the Guanacaste Costa Rica airport with your family and friends. There is a wide variety in adventure tours Costa Rica has to offer as you can see on our web site.

The special thing about hiring a Costa Rica private driver to Selvatura’s Monteverde is that it is suitable for everybody. You will find a specific activity in this Costa Rica shuttle that will satisfy all ages.

Up next, we will describe to you what you can find in this Costa Rica adventure to the Selvatura Park of Monteverde, and why it’s one of the top notch options in our list of private tours Costa Rica trips.

Why to choose Selvatura?

The Costa Rica transportation to Selvatura is one of the most preferred Costa Rica shuttle options that tourists from all around the world enjoy to visit. It’s a unique Costa Rica adventure fit for the whole family, which is why you can’t miss it.

After your Costa Rica private driver drops you off in Monteverde, you will be able to experience many different Costa Rica adventure tour activities.

Adrenaline-filled canopy experience

Costa Rica private driver

The number one Costa Rica adventure that you definitely can’t miss in Selvatura is the wonderful canopy tour. This tour is popular because it provides the largest wire experience of the whole country. It is a unique once in a lifetime trip.

The Costa Rica private driver can explain to you what to expect from this canopy experience. Basically, you will be exploring the gorgeousness of the Selvatura nature from above with more than 2 miles of greenery that will blow your mind.

It doesn’t matter if you have never tried canopy in the pest. You have to be a part of this singular and rare Costa Rica adventure tour so you can soak in the beauty of Monteverde from the best angle possible.

The team at Monteverde ensures your security from the minute your Costa Rica private driver gets to this area. The canopy tour is known for its harnesses of high quality so you can be protected at all times during this activity.

There is even a Tarzan Swing option among the private tours Costa Rica’s Monteverde offers so you can test your bravery and adrenaline levels. It is the most rapid experience you will find in Guanacaste, so you can’t miss it.

The best part about this Costa Rica shuttle experience as that even kids above 4 years of age can be a part of it. This is why you have to consider scheduling a Costa Rica airport transfer from the Liberia Costa Rica airport to Monteverde.

You will have fun for the whole 3 hours of duration that this Costa Rica adventure tour provides. After that, your Costa Rica private driver will be waiting for you to get you back to your lodgment.

Witness the natural beauty from the bridges

An important element of Monteverde are the hanging bridges, another aspect of these adventure tours Costa Rica trips that you must be a part of. The bridges let you witness the breathtaking beauty of Monteverde from a different perspective.

From the hanging bridges, you can truly explore all of the plants and animal species that are in the Selvatura Natural Park. And there is no better way to arrive here safely than with the services of every Costa Rica private driver of our staff.

One of these bridges rises up to 60 mts from the ground, one of the highest hanging bridges in the country. But don’t be afraid, these bridges are secure and have been made for touristic purposes.

End your day with the magical garden of butterflies

50 species of unique butterflies can be found once you get here with our Costa Rica transportation. The gorgeous Butterfly Garden in Selvatura includes a guided Costa Rica adventure tour so you know all about every single type of butterfly.

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