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Things you can’t miss in your Costa Rica adventures to the Museum of Guanacaste

Museums are present in almost every single city that you go to. We could find museums with historic relevance, filled with objects that mean a lot to the inhabitants of the area. There are many Costa Rica adventures to places like that.

We could also find art museums, with beautiful paintings that represent the culture of the country we’re in. In Costa Rica, there are a lot of galleries that are suitable for every taste.

So, what is that that makes the exhibitions that you can encounter inside the Museum of Guanacaste so unique and rare? Why is it that tourists prefer this museum before any other in the area of Guanacaste? Keep reading to find out.

Guanacaste Viajes is a very well-known company, especially between the museum community. We got private transportation services and Costa Rica adventures to all of the finest art and history centers of the province of Guanacaste.

We certainly do offer Costa Rica shuttles to many other relevant places in tourism, such as beaches, mountains and everything in between.

Even though you are able to choose from any touristic place that you want to for a Liberia airport shuttle service, the real beauty in Guanacaste is in its history, and you’ll find archeological proof of it in this amazing museum we’re talking about.

Monuments, houses of political figures…you name it, and we’ll get you to that historic place that you’re dreaming of with our Costa Rica airport transfer services. However, we advise you to check out the museum of Guanacaste firstly.

It is the only museum that carries the name of the province, so it must have some advantage over the others, right? Well, we’ll tell you all about it next.

History of the lands you stand on coming alive

Costa Rica adventures

The famous Museum of Guanacaste is located in a place very close to the Liberia airport. In this area of cultural and social relevance, you can witness how Costa Rican history comes alive in the most beautiful way you will ever see.

The museum consists of spacious exhibitions that will guide you through important events and facts of the history related to the province of Guanacaste. A Costa Rica airport transfer to this museum makes a very educational experience.

You can plan a trip to this unique historical place in the most rapid and secure way by booking a Liberia airport transportation with Guanacaste Viajes and Tours.

There is zero difficulty in this task. All you got to do is schedule a Costa Rica airport transfer that will take you to the Museum of Guanacaste.

The outstanding historical rooms that you can walk through in this museum will teach you everything you need to know of what has been done and what is being done to preserve the Costa Rican heritage.

Each and every area in the Museum of Guanacaste has visual material to guide you through this adventure tour in Costa Rica. You can visit these informative exhibitions through the Costa Rica adventure tours we provide.

It’s a cultural and historic center that was recently reopened along with a new exhibition that displays the social legacy of the country and its impact in this Guanacaste region. A Costa Rica airport transportation to this place is a must.

Legends honored through pristine exhibitions

Costa Rica adventures

The historic Museum of Guanacaste is currently the setting of many important cultural events. All of these events honor the work that was done for centuries in this Costa Rican province.

This is why, while you’re planning the details for your Costa Rica vacations, make sure you include this historical place in your to-do list.

Tourists from every country of the world are welcomed to this museum during their Costa Rica vacations every single day.

The museum has many relevant amenities nearby that are worth noting like free parking, a restaurant that serves the most delicious Costa Rican food and guided Costa Rica adventure tours that will tell you more about the historical place.

In case you were worried about food, now you know you have many options nearby, so go ahead and book a Costa Rica airport transfer with the best Liberia airport shuttle services, Guanacaste Viajes and Tours.

Ancient objects of huge cultural weight

This museum allows each visitor to relive more than a hundred years of history and celebrate the pioneers of the region of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

The unique elements that you will find here is another rare characteristic of the touristic center that makes visiting this museum one of the best things to do in Guanacaste Costa Rica.

Scheduling an efficient and quick Costa Rica shuttle from Liberia airport to the Museum of Guanacaste was never so easy than with Guanacaste Viajes, a company that takes your transportations preoccupations off your shoulders.

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