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Discover the Beauty Tropical Rainforests and Beaches in Costa Rica Adventure Tour

Over the past decades, Costa Rica has emerged as a favorite destination among tourist looking for adventure. Costa Rica features such an incredible landscape that tourists sometimes fall so deep in love with the country that they decide to move into Costa Rica.

Costa Rica’s incredible natural wonders are the country’s main attractions. Tourism is mainly concentrated around the Guanacaste Province. Guanacaste is home to several of Costa Rica’s main destinations, making it the ideal place for a Costa Rica adventure tour.

Every year millions of tourist decide to visit Costa Rica. In 2006 alone, as many as one million American tourists and half a million European ones came into the country. Also, according to the US State Department, there are about 70,000 Americans living in Costa Rica.

What is the best place to stay during my Costa Rica adventure tour?

Once you arrive in the Guanacaste Province you will want to settle someplace central, so you can reach as many destinations as possible. A hotel close to the Liberia airport, Costa Rica would be a nice idea, since Liberia is in the center of the province.

About a one-hour drive away from the Liberia airport, Costa Rica, you will find the marvelous FLAMINGO BEACH RESORT AND SPA. This luxurious resort offers incredibly beautiful vacation rentals.

Costa Rica Adventure Tour
Costa Rica Adventure Tour

The FLAMINGO BEACH RESORT AND SPA is located in the invigorating Playa Flamingo. This amazing beach lays right in the middle of Costa Rica’s “Gold Coast”. Playa Flamigo is a small bay type of beach, as is famous because, as its name implies, its sand is made out of small shells.

This amazing oceanfront hotel offers incredible vacation rentals. Ranging from 1-bedroom condos to 4-bedroom villas, this beautiful hotel will satisfy all your needs. The hotel offers condos and villas with beautiful views either of the hotel’s garden or Pacific ocean.

How good is Costa Rica transportation?

You can always choose to use public Costa Rica transportation. However, hiring private transportation services is much more reliable. This is particularly true during invierno, as Costa Ricans call its rainy season.

Invierno goes from May to November, and during this time some roads tend to flood. Because of this, public Costa Rica transportation tends to change their routes in order to avoid some roads, making trips take longer than expected.

This is why we recommend you hire private transportation services. You could also rent a car, of course. Nevertheless, having a Costa Rica private driver at your disposal during your Costa Rica adventure tour might be a better idea. After all, locals will always know which roads are in the best conditions.

Which destination should I visit first during my Costa Rica adventure tour?

There is no Costa Rica adventure tour without a visit to the beach. After all, Costa Rica’s incredible beaches are its main attraction. Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica’s main tourist destination is only 21 kilometers south of Playa Conchal.

adventure tour costa Rica
adventure tour costa Rica

Playa Tamarindo is one of the most developed towns in the Guanacaste Province and Costa Rica’s main tourist hub. This amazing beach’s world-class waves attract surfers from around the globe.

Playa Tamarindo also features several excellent restaurants specializing both in local and international cuisine. There are also several bars and discotheques dotted around town, making Playa Tamarindo the perfect destination for a night out.

Is visiting Río Celeste worth it?

Río Celeste truly is a Costa Rica natural wonder. This unique river takes its name from the turquoise blue color of its magical waters, “Celeste”. There are several Costa Rica adventure tours that can take you all the way to the Río Celeste Waterfall.

In order to get there, you will have to hike for about 3 and a half hours along Río Celeste, all the way to los teñideros. Here, the river’s waters and minerals come together and create the marvelous color that gives the river its name.

You will get to visit an incredible blue lagoon and thermal hot springs with spectacular scenery surrounded by tropical forests. Finally, you will visit the Río Celeste Waterfall with its astonishing blue color. This river gets its magical color from the presence of a mix of sulfur and calcium carbonate.

Where is the renowned Arenal Volcano located?

The Arenal Volcano is one of the most renowned volcanoes in Costa Rica. It is located in the Alajuela Province, right on the border with the Guanacaste Province. The volcano is about 15 kilometers southwest of the town of La Fortuna.

This incredible volcano was considered one of the most active volcanoes until 2010, since then it has been considered dormant. Arenal Volcano is probably one of the very few volcanoes in the world with an almost perfect cone shape. This is a sight you will not want to miss during your Costa Rica adventure tour.

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