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Private Transportation Services: 3 Beaches of Easy Access in Costa Rica Guanacaste

Travelling on the road is the best way to know a new place; with private transportation services in Costa Rica you can do just that. If you arrive in the Liberia airport Costa Rica; you shouldn’t have a problem finding transportation, which can also be previously booked online. Whether for a vacation trip or special events, private transportation Costa Rica is of the highest quality.

How are the Driving Conditions in Costa Rica?

Throughout the varied landscapes in Costa Rica, roads change in number of lanes, pavement, shape, traffic and quality. If you are deciding between hiring a Costa Rica private driver or seeking the services of car rental Liberia airport Costa Rica; you may consider some factors before. Do this so that you prepare yourself for the experience; you don’t want to get lost and avoid similar inconvenient.Private Transportation Services

Given the fact that some roads are not perfectly paved and in some secluded locations; there might be even a need to cross small streams, it is important to move around Costa Rica in an appropriate vehicle, so if you choose car rentals, keep this in mind. In some parts signs are not so visible or inexistent and damage due to heavy rains may be dangerous. Considering this, hiring a Costa Rica private driver might be a better choice to avoid those concerns.

Three Beaches of Easy Access on the Road Using Private Transportation Services

If you arrive in Costa Rica through Liberia Airport; you are already in a tourist area and there are many attractions and popular destinations nearby. The following are three beaches that you can access by car, and from a close distance to Liberia Airport:

This beach town is perfect for young visitors in search of an active nightlife and activities full of fun. The town has many markets and services, as well as bars, casinos and others. Besides, the town appears to be in a never-ending party. For this reason, those seeking for a calmer destination should probably seek a different location from this.Private Transportation Services

There are beach with blue-gray waters, nearby attractions like Marino Las Baulas Marine National Park, and great accommodation options. For this reason, this is a highly recommended location for tourists. Besides, Ticos also take place in the party of the town. If you are thinking of hiring private transportation services, you will get there quickly; if you rent a car, remember to get a 4×4 vehicle, given that the roads might demand such a car.

This beach town is going through tourist development but it maintains a quiet vibe and natural resources are perfectly preserved. This is a very popular tourist destination; it is close to the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, Barra Honda and Las Baulas Marine National Parks. It is a destination where you can go swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling and many other fun activities.Private Transportation Services

Playa Tamarindo has a national airport so access is easy through many options. If you are planning on going to Tamarindo with car rental Liberia airport Costa Rica; beware of pot holes and lack of road signs. It is better for you to do this trip at daytime since the road is at its best conditions. Tamarindo is fairly near to Liberia, so it should take you around 2 hours to get to Tamarindo by car.

This beach, as well as Tamarindo and Playas del Coco, is located in the Guanacaste Province. Nosara is also near Guiones beach in which many expatriates have arrived to retire and stay. For this reason, this area has experienced big growth and there are many accommodation options. Although, the majority is very luxurious and no so fit for tighter budgets.Private Transportation Services

This destination is known for being a surfing location and is located about 3 hours from Liberia Airport Costa Rica. If you take the road passing by Nicoya, remember that the road is probably not in the best conditions. Signs are missing and there are potholes, so if you have not hired a Costa Rica private driver; remember to get a 4×4 vehicle that will give you no worries.

Driving around Costa Rica is a good decision if you love nature and truly want to experience an adventure; you can really get to know the country. However, there are some things to consider. Remember that depending on the season, conditions change; during rainy season the roads are not so easy to drive on. Also, there is more traffic, if you don’t have a private driver, it is better to drive during the day.

There are plenty of other beaches you can get to by car; however, the best option for tourists is probably private transportation services for those visiting for the first time. Private transportation Costa Rica is of the highest quality and you will surely have an amazing experience on the road.

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Private Transportation Services: 3 Beaches of Easy Access in Costa Rica Guanacaste
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