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Costa Rica Transportation and Vacations in Christmas Time: Pros and Cons

If you are traveling for vacation in Christmas to Costa Rica; there are a few things you should know and take into consideration, and Costa Rica Transportation is one of them.  Lodging options decrease in number and so it happens with all aspects of tourist services. Besides, Costa Rica adventure tour options decrease, private transportation services also tend to get booked in advance and locations are evidently more crowded.

One benefit of considering the situation of transportation in a specific tourist destination is not all about being extremely cautious and being paranoid about imaginary uncertain events; it is truly a matter of safety. It may not be such a determining factor in this case as to change the date of a trip because Costa Rica weather is not so extreme. However, generally, and for your own sake, considering these factors might be a good idea.Costa Rica Transportation

Car Rental Liberia Airport Costa Rica or Hiring a Costa Rica Private Driver, What to Choose?

There are many private transportation services in Costa Rica; however, you have the option of hiring a Costa Rica private driver. Plus, you can also make use of the services of Car Rental Liberia Airport Costa Rica. In this regard, it might be a good idea to consider how the driving situation is. Consider it in case you are thinking or proposing yourself as a designated driver; maybe you want to relax and not worry about a few things.

Remember that driving in a different country is always a different experience due to laws variations and cultural driving differences. Furthermore, knowing the country demands for specific conditions and requires of specific skills. Another important factor to consider if you may be in charge of driving during this Costa Rica adventure tour is the type of vehicle you may require in the zones you visit.Costa Rica Transportation

Road Conditions in December in Costa Rica

Since there are two seasons in Costa Rica, roads go through constant damage and require constant maintenance as well. Although they do get the maintenance, this doesn’t necessarily occur favoring tourism in the area. Costa Rica has two different seasons, the rainy or green season, and the dry season; the change between both seasons, usually by mid-December, is what mostly affects Costa Rica roads.

On the one hand, there are roads naturally interrupted by streams. So, hiring Costa Rica Transportation, consider the following factor. It is important in order to get an appropriate vehicle for the trip and avoid an uncomfortable experience; landslides after green season are common. A 4×4 vehicle is probably the best recommendation no matter the destinations you are visiting; although considering a private driver that knows the way, might also be useful.

Traffic During this Time: Costa Rica Transportation

Christmas along with Easter is the busiest times of the year for visiting Costa Rica; so if you don’t like being surrounded by big crowds, these are times you want to avoid. On the other hand, this does not mean that these are times to avoid the country; on the contrary. Ticos are also out enjoying their holidays, so the entire country comes to life; it is a good time to get to know the country’s culture.

The one thing you might want to know to expect is the fact that depending on how strong the heavy showers of the green season have been; damages to roads might produce a lot more traffic. Landslides or other negative effects on roads will probably be taken care of. Nevertheless, these maintenance services to roads will consequently cause traffic jams, so heads up for this.Costa Rica Transportation

Cultural Life in Costa Rica During this Time of Year

Costa Rica is a very festive as well as a very Catholic country. For this reason, Christmas is celebrated throughout the country and you can also feel the tropical celebration of New Year’s. Nonetheless, there are also some indigenous celebrations maintained, one example of this is the popular celebration “Fiesta de los Diablitos”. This celebration takes place between the end of December and January.

Costa Rica is a an excellent tourist destination. If you want to have access to good transportation services; the most necessary requirement is that you book them with time, given the popularity of the country during this season. Since all services seem to be booked, transportation also has to be taken care of in advance; all this in order not to be stuck with public transportation with no air conditioned.Costa Rica Transportation

Consider how affected the roads might be and also check on how strong the green season is affecting the country. Remember to do this before you plan your trip if you still haven’t. You may not even consider a change of plans, but you might think twice before venturing on lonely roads. Also, consider the advantages and differences that a native private driver can bring into your trip when hiring Costa Rica transportation.

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Costa Rica Transportation and Vacations in Christmas Time: Pros and Cons
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