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The best Costa Rica transportation fleet for you to feel safe

Surely we had the need to go from the airport to any of our destinations; and also to know which car are equipped and safe. This occasion is dedicated to talk about the best Costa Rica transportation; here we are going to talk about the fleet of cars which will be according to your requirement and needs.

We have to take into account that each car is able to cover certain types of routes; either the most mountainous routes where any of the Costa Rica adventure tour; takes place and even the rural routes that goes from Liberia airport Costa Rica to any of the hotels in the island. The types of the cars are classified from Sedans to more spacious Vans. You are going to classified any of these cars for you so it will be easier for you to make any decision.

best Costa Rica transportation fleet for you to feel safe

  1. For mountain routes: these cars are mostly Vans or Trucks. They are spacious and most of the tome have 5 seats; normally has air conditioning and music players. These types of cars are ideal for mountains, volcanoes, jungles, rain forests and also for beaches;

Costa rica Transportation

Its transport capacity is from 5 to 8 people each trip. It is important for you that in order to access in an urban route these car has to have a 4×4 transmission. Its transmission will allow the wheels to access any type of wooded land.

  1. For rural routes: these cars vary in size and space because they are smaller than Vans and Trucks. These cars are called Sedan and are small; its features are more reduced since they were made to cover from small routes to long routes but only where there is pavement or cement.

The Sedan has 4 seats, air conditioning and music player, standard transmission ideal for small routes. These cars have no 4×4 transmission so they won’t be able to support wooded pavements or with many spread stones.

Costa Rica Transportation

It is important for you to know what type of car are adapted to your necessity. Also, it will be better for you if you know any of their features in order to make the best Costa Rica Transportation. Your have to keep in mind that the type of service will determine your well- deserved vacations.

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The best Costa Rica transportation fleet for you to feel safe
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