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Costa Rica Transportation: Important Routes and their Characteristics

Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination among travelers from all over the world; the country’s services of the industry have developed greatly and so has Costa Rica Transportation. It is actually very popular for tourists to use car rental services and hiring private transportation services, as a result, despite any obstacle or unplanned event in the ride, the landscapes are fascinating so this is a great way to see the country.

Regarding public or private transportation options, private transportation services is probably the best recommendation for an amazing vacation, since the better quality is aspects like the vehicles, air conditioned and personalized attention aimed to satisfy your needs, make the difference when being on the road in this tropical country with a changing weather.

Some Important Highways in Costa Rica Transportation

  • San José to Puntarenas

This route connects the capital of the country located in the Central Valley with the Puntarenas Province located to the west of the country. It is a highly important road for tourism, since San José is located nearby the international airport Juan Santamaría and the Puntarenas Province is a magnet for tourist arriving from al l over the world.

Regarding the quality of the paths, the fastest way between these 2 locations passing by Colón is not in the best conditions but there are two other alternate ways, the best is probably the one that passes by Alajuela. Nevertheless, both routes mentioned have awesome views that will delight your eyes.Costa Rica Transportation

  • Liberia to Nicoya Peninsula

Liberia is located about 134 miles from the contry capital San José and it is home to an International Airport called Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport; it is the capital of the Guanacaste province with great Costa Rica shuttle service options and several other car rental services as well. The Nicoya Peninsula is part of the Guanacaste and Puntarenas Provinces, in the Pacific Coast of the country.

The route from Liberia to the Nicoya Peninsula is in fairly good conditions, although they could be better, they are also winding roadways and the views are scenic, the ride should be enjoyable and not so long.

  • Liberia to Playas del Coco

Playas del Coco is a very developed destination in Costa Rica due to growth in the tourism industry. It is located in the Guanacaste Province, as well as Liberia, so the Costa Rica Transportation between both locations is very short, about 20 minutes. The beach town has fascinating beaches that attract visitors mostly due to the  great conditions of the waves for surfing.Costa Rica Transportation

The sight is therefore changing along the ride, the road, regarding quality can be considered as being in good conditions with room for improvement, and its curvature in general winding, but the views are also scenic, it is a short, delightful ride.

  • Puntarenas to Liberia

Liberia, as previously mentioned, is an important destination due to its proximity to the international airport and many tourist attractions nearby. For this reason, the ride from the also popular tourist area of Puntarenas to Liberia is a common route for tourists. Given that the Puntarenas Province is fairly big, the ride depends on the exact point of departure.

The route can be of a quality that ranges from unpaved to excellent, or even going through all those stages, the curvature of those roads can be straight, winding or even twisty and the landscapes always amazing.

  • Nicoya to Samara

The road from Nicoya to Samara should be very short given that both destinations are very near from each other; however, the quality of the road may seem poor. The views you will get to see, on the contrary, are awesome and the curvature of the roads may be winding, but the distance will make this a very fast ride.

Traveling on the road in Costa Rica may be the best way to truly know the beautiful sights of this country. The advantage of transportation here is that public and private transportation Costa Rica have amazing services, and just by contacting the services of Costa Rica airport transportation you may find companies that could help you with several other aspects of your trip.Costa Rica Transportation

You could rent a car yourself or hire the services of a private driver through Costa Rica shuttle service and kick back and relax knowing that you will not worry about getting lost or worrying about the best or worst highways to take. The services of private transportation Costa Rica hook you up with a native driver who knows the roads and can help you with guidance during your trip.

Why Travel by Land in Costa Rica?

Some adventures might take up a little more time than you expect; however, by traveling in a private car, not only you are pampered according to your special needs, but you get to witness the changing landscapes that ornament this beautiful country. Costa Rica airport transportation is usually of the highest quality, after acquiring its services your trip starts to get easier.

Costa Rica transportation mixed with fascinating natural landscapes, make traveling by car part of the vacation fun in Costa Rica!

So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy the beautiful tours and destinations that Costa Rica has!

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Costa Rica Transportation: Important Routes and their Characteristics
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