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Private tours Costa Rica: Best vacation trips

Realizing Costa Rica vacation trips is one of the most exciting activities in the world. This country has beautiful beaches, amazing places for you to discover and a lot of activities that you can do together with four family.

Having a Costa Rica adventure tour is an insuperable experience that will ensure your family the best of the vacations, with a beautiful landscape, nice beaches and colorful cities.

Due to the high amount of activities that you can do here, there are a lot of trips that you can pay to have a great experience. You can do them either alone or with your family and that will assure you really enjoyable moments.

What to know about Costa Rica vacation trips?

This country has a lot of national parks, beaches, night clubs, museums and other kind of interesting, important and beautiful places that you can visit and where you can have excellent and vibrating moments.

Before travelling to Costa Rica and starting your adventure, one of the first things that you must do is to rent a house, villa or hotel suit where you can stay.

This is one of the strongest points of this gem of a country, its hotels. Costa Rica has a lot of beautiful and magnificent hotels with amazing views, beautiful landscapes and most of them are located near the beaches.

So, with no doubts, one of the best part in a trip while visiting Costa Rica is staying at the hotel itself.

At each hotel that this places has to offer you will be able to find yourself in a beautiful place, with a lot of activities to do, such as:

Each one of those activities is guided by an experienced staff that will help you and will also ensure your safety.

You can search for hotels at the Ethernet so that you can find the best of the places to stay during your vacations for you and your family.

What places to visit during Costa Rica vacation trips?

If you are a person that likes the idea of adventure tours Costa Rica, having a trip through this country is one of the best experiences that you can get.

Besides going to the beaches and visiting restaurants and museums with your family, there are a lot of places where you can go, either by your own or with all your family.

There are a lot of magnificent and interesting places that you can visit around this awesome country. Here is a list of the best places and activities that you can do while visiting Costa Rica:

Visiting Palo Verde National Park

It contains more than 18.000 hectares of territory and it’s a place where you can enjoy from a lot of different activities that you will surely enjoy, such as:

Adventure Tours Costa Rica, Palo Verde National Park, Costa Rica adventure

There are a lot of important and beautiful points inside this park where you can get some beautiful pictures.

By visiting this wonderful place you could get one of the best travelling experiences of your life and also enjoy of the many pretty and fancy views that Palo Verde National Park has to offer.

Exploring Arenal Volcano

An amazing and epic place located in Costa Rica is Arenal Volcano, a place that you really need to visit when you travel to this gorgeous country.

This place contains one of the highest, most beautiful and amazing volcanoes of this continent.

There are a lot Costa Rica trips tours programs that you can contract so that you can visit this amazing place and have a really nice and unique experience.

Costa Rica adventure Tours, Tenorio Volcano National Park, private tours Costa Rica

You can find this volcano located to the northern region of Costa Rica, at its lowlands and it is one of the seven active volcanoes that this country has.

Exploring this region could be kind of difficult if you do it by your own, so it is really suggested for the tourist that they should contract a private tours Costa Rica program.

Costa Rica vacation trips through Volcano Póas National Park

One of the best touristic places of all Costa Rica to have exciting and vibrating moments is Volcano Póas National Park.

This is an amazing, beautiful and wild place where you can have an adventure-like feeling if you visit this place.

Right at this place you will be able to find the most acid volcano crater of the world, which is a perfect spot for those travelers that want to visit an interesting and wild location.

The main attraction of this place for all the tourist is the magnificent Volcano Póas, one of the most visited places, with amazing spots to take some pictures and beautiful spots.

Volcano Póas is considered to be the most active volcano crater of the world, this is the main reason why a lot of people come here every day and it’s under constant investigation by scientific research teams.

Costa Rica private tours, Costa Rica adventure

Enjoying Tortuga Island

In case that you are willing to enjoy the best beaches that Costa Rica trips has to offer, going on a trip to Tortuga Island is without any doubts, the perfect option for you.

This island has beautiful beaches and a ton of activities that you can do either by your own or together with your couple or your family.

Each beach located at Tortuga Island is splendid, with crystalline waters, amazing views and enjoyable activities for you to do.

Adventure Tours Costa Rica, Costa Rica travels, Guanacaste Costa Rica

You can visit this place by taking a tour, which you can contract using different webpages or even at some hotels located near the island that have a tour program to this gorgeous island.

What should you bring to Costa Rica vacation Trips?

When going on a trip to one of this amazing places of Costa Rica, you should make sure that you have everything needed to avoid any kind of problems.

The different things that you should bring with you on this kind of trips, are the following ones: Water bottles, long-lasting Food, adventure-like fresh clothing and mountaineering boots.

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