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3 Must-Visit Destinations in North Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica: Private Tours Costa Rica

There are numerous wonderful destinations if you want to enjoy private tours Costa Rica; in this regard, the North Puntarenas Province has several beautiful attractions. Damas Island, Manuel Antonio, and Quepos are incredible destinations where you can enjoy fabulous adventures. This area is located in the West Coast of Costa Rica and it borders with the Pacific Ocean.

The Beautiful Damas Island

Damas Island is located right by Quepos in the Central Pacific area of Costa Rica’s West Coast; the Costa Rica transportation to this island is by kayak or boat. This island is actually a popular destination for boat tours. The Damas Estuary is actually a very popular attraction in this area; it is mostly due to the breathtaking beauty of the landscape and abundant animal life.

In fact, in a Costa Rica adventure tour to Damas Island, you might see wild animals from very close; you might get to spot iguanas, raccoons, boa constrictors, and even crocodiles from very close! In addition, you pass by the incredible Damas Mangroves and surroundings of tropical forests. The mangroves formed by the meeting of both salt and freshwater, result in incredible paradisiacal landscapes.

How are Private Tours Costa Rica to Damas Island?

Private Tours Costa Rica

You get to go on a fun boat Costa Rica adventure tour; you sail on the estuary and see the abundant wildlife. This area houses several migratory species that frequent the area in their migration; a trained, bilingual guide will help you spot the different animal and plant species of the area. They will also ensure your safety, so you don’t have to worry about wild animals.

Manuel Antonio National Park

This amazing National park is located a little to the South of Damas Island also bordering with the Pacific Ocean; the park protects over 140 thousand acres of land and water territory. The park has 4 beautiful beaches of which Manuel Antonio is the most popular; the other three are Espadilla Sur, Escondido, and Playita. Tourists can practice a few water sports in these wonderful beaches.

The park protects over 300 species of birds, and over a hundred mammals among many others; some of the species you might see are sloths, peccaries, armadillos, and more. You might see some monkey species, like: howler, white-faced capuchins, or squirrel monkeys. Toucans, scarlet macaws, and others in private tours Costa Rica are the birds you might spot.

How are the Tours to Manuel Antonio National Park?

Tours to Manuel Antonio National Park depend on the interests of the group; however, they usually consist of hike in which the guide points out all the important animal and plant species. In addition, you can end the experience taking a trail that leads to any of the park’s beaches; at the end of a long hike, you can relax by the beach, eating some snacks and refreshing with a cool drink.

Private Tours Costa Rica

Quepos Beach

Quepos Beach is located between Damas Island and Manuel Antonio National Park; if you are visiting both locations as amazing private tours Costa Rica, you can take the opportunity to visit this wonderful beach too.  There is an airport which offers domestic flights; so it is of easy access. However, it is not that far away from San José with private transportation services.

Airport transfers Costa Rica from San José to Quepos would take you less than 3 hours; there are also airport transfers Costa Rica available to/from Liberia, but that would be a longer ride to Quepos. Private transportation services in Costa Rica are excellent and you can find them to any place you need; you don’t need to worry about Costa Rica transportation.

What are some Popular Activities in Quepos?

The most popular activity in Quepos is sport fishing; it is actually the reason why most of the tourists in the area visit the beach. You might spot/catch snapper, marlin, sailfish and many other fish species in Quepos; in addition, there are other water activities you can do. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, and more; the landscapes are really breathtaking.

Private Tours Costa Rica

The three mentioned areas, Damas Island, Manuel Antonio National Park and Quepos Beach are definitely three must-visit destinations; if you are visiting this area of North Puntarenas, these are three destinations you cannot miss. Furthermore, arranging Costa Rica transportation, and accommodation services nearby are no issues. This is an area where you can have an awesome time in vacation.

Another advantage of visiting this area is that it is located to the recently popular Guanacaste Province; this means you can easily arrange private tours Costa Rica to any of the famous attractions in this popular tourist province. Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destinations of the world; it is a true paradise!

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3 Must-Visit Destinations in North Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica: Private Tours Costa Rica
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