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Private Tours Costa Rica to the Fabulous Selvatura Park in Monteverde

One of the things you cannot fail to do in Guanacaste is go on incredible private tours Costa Rica in Selvatura Park. This park is located in Monteverde which is located Northwest of Puntarenas Province; however, the area that is Selvatura Park is on the area that corresponds to Guanacaste Province. It is an area rich in biodiversity and where incredible adventures can take place.

About the Fabulous Selvatura Park in Monteverde

Located in the Cordillera de Tilarán which is a mountain range, Selvatura Park is not only a place for fun; when you go on a Costa Rica adventure tour in this park, you get to learn about many different animal species. It is, besides an adventure park, a place where species of butterflies, caterpillars, rhinoceros beetles and tarantulas are showcased; you get to learn wild things about nature!

Selvatura Park is popular for its fascinating tropical cloud forest as well as Monteverde is; this area is certainly rich in biodiversity, but it is mostly popular for two things. There are many insect species and beautiful gardens; in addition, the way to delight from these gorgeous gardens may be far from conventional. It can be rather fun, exciting and also a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What are some of the Private Tours Costa Rica to the Fabulous Selvatura Park in Monteverde?

Private Tours Costa Rica

A Costa Rica adventure tour to the Butterfly Gardens is an experience where you get to see a simulated habitat; the weather conditions in these gardens are adapted in order to fit these creatures’ natural needs. There are more than 20 butterfly species you can see; in addition, you not only get to see them, you get to learn about them. It is a unique experience.

These bridges represent an incredible experience for anyone who crosses them; not only you get to have lots of fun while walking over them, you also get to see amazing sights. This area has the little remnants of what used to be large portions of cloud forests; now, that huge area has diminished greatly but there is still a protected area of them. Here you can witness it.

Furthermore, in this adventure, it is not only about the incredible sights you get to see; this attraction is about the perspective. In the private tours Costa Rica where you get to walk on hanging bridges, the fauna you see is different; actually, there are animals that very rarely if not ever descend to the ground. The tree tops will leave a mark in your memories you won’t forget.

The abundant wildlife in Selvatura Park also includes a large variety of reptiles; in fact, there are actually over 30 species of reptiles in the park. As it is the case with the Butterfly Gardens, main characteristics of the area are simulated; the intention is to adapt the weather conditions to those that are proper of these animals’ habitat. You might see lizards, frogs, geckos, snakes, and many others.

Private Tours Costa Rica

Exactly as it sounds, this is an incredibly beautiful garden where besides gorgeous vegetation, there are hummingbirds; this means that as you enter and walk through the gardens, you will be surrounded by flying hummingbirds. The area actually houses over 14 species of hummingbirds; they have different colors and are very lively creatures. It is a great experience to connect with nature.

Costa Rica Transportation to and from Selvatura Park in Monteverde

Costa Rica transportation in general is fairly good, but even more so are the private transportation services; these are also the most reliable services you can hire. If you wonder how far this park is from any of the two international airports, it is not too far; it is located just a little over 2 hours from Liberia Airport. Regarding San José, it is located half an hour farther than from Liberia.

In addition to this, there are also two national airports near Selvatura Park. These airports are Fortuna Airport, in Arenal; El Tanque-La Fortuna Airport; and San Miguel Airport. Nevertheless, taking a ride to the airport with private transportation services is probably the best option; the ride is actually not that long, and the vehicles and services are more than efficient.

Accommodations near Selvatura Park in Monteverde

Private Tours Costa Rica

There are plenty of accommodation options in Guanacaste and North Puntarenas; however, it all depends on what you are looking for. In this regard, many people seek to stay in a fabulous beach house or resort by the beach; if this is your case, the beaches on the Pacific Coastline in Guanacaste are amazing options for you. These beaches have gone through major development and are very beautiful.

Beaches like Tamarindo and Flamingo are amazing options, and so are the beaches in the Papagayo Gulf. Private Tours Costa Rica to the Selvatura Park in Monteverde are experiences you have to take the opportunity to enjoy; you will celebrate making the decision to go on thiese vacations!

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Private Tours Costa Rica to the Fabulous Selvatura Park in Monteverde
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