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A Costa Rica Adventure Tour to Rincón de La Vieja National Park

If you need a recommendation for a Costa Rica adventure tour think no more; furthermore, plan a visit to Rincón de La Vieja National Park. This wonderful park is located in Guanacaste Province, Northwest of Costa Rica and it is a must-visit destination. The wonderful sights, the amazing adventure tours and close contact with nature will create incredible memories for you!

About the Fabulous Rincón de la Vieja National Park

Rincón de La Vieja National Park protects almost 35 thousand acres of territory; it is a territory with six different life zones to enjoy the greatest adventures. The biggest attraction of the park is the Rincón de La Vieja Volcano; in addition to this specific volcano, the general geothermal activity in the area is also a big part of the park’s attractiveness.

This area has the most active volcanic peaks of the Cordillera de Guanacaste, the set of mountains called “Guanacaste”. The park is located on the border that separates Guanacaste Province from Alajuela Province; it is also conveniently located near the capital of the Province Liberia. From Liberia, the distance to popular tourist beach towns like Hermosa or Coco Beach is very short.

About the Rincón de La Vieja Volcano

This is the most active volcanic area in these mountains; in fact, do not be surprised if for matters of safety, the park is closed due to volcanic activity. It is an andesitic complex volcano that rises over 6 thousand feet above sea level. There are numerous hot springs and fumaroles in the area; in addition, there are natural bubbling mud pools and amazing waterfalls nearby.

Costa Rica Adventure Tour

The presence of this volcano results in fertile soils with lush vegetation accompanied by great biodiversity.

How is a Costa Rica Adventure Tour?

There are many fun activities you can do in Rincón de La Vieja National Park; however, one of the simplest tours is as follows. The park has tropical dry forest and tropical primary forest; the tour will consist of a hike up towards the volcano; the hike will lead you through trails in which you’ll see the hot springs, mud pools, fumaroles. You will see all the evidence and beauty of the volcanic activity.

The tour will take you through incredible landscapes, and you will be pointed at the marvelous natural landmarks; the bilingual guides of the Costa Rica adventure tour are trained to show you the characteristic wildlife and plants. They are also trained to ensure you safety; in addition, these private tours Costa Rica also include private transportation services.

What other Activities Can you Do in Rincón de La Vieja National Park?

The other activities have to do with bathing or witnessing the incredible volcanic activity of the area. You can bathe in the hot springs or mud pools which are actually considered to be beneficial for your health; they are believed to be therapeutic and also good for your skin. In addition, there are also streams and waterfall pools where you can bathe in; it is fun and paradisiacal.

Costa Rica Adventure Tour

Other private tours Costa Rica include visits to waterfalls; there are numerous in the area. Furthermore, animal lovers will delight from the sights in this amazing park.

How is the Wildlife in the Area?

As you hike up to the volcano’s summit, you will get to see abundant animal species, among them: white-nosed coatis, howler and spider monkeys, agoutis, toucans, sloths, jaguars, pumas, tapirs, and more. You can also see kinkajous and many species of birds. The dense forests in the park protect an abundant animal life.

How is the Vegetation in the Park?

This national park was mainly created to protect this area of tropical forests, dry and primary; these forests which once covered an even bigger territory have been endangered by cattle ranching and related activities. This has resulted in flatlands with agricultural activity, but also in the loss of large forests and the endangerment of animal species.

The lush vegetation that characterizes the surroundings of the volcanoes has grown as a result of a fertile soil; these are qualities that the ground has due to the properties of these formations.

Accommodation and Costa Rica Transportation

If you are looking for accommodation services nearby, you don’t have to worry about this in Guanacaste. There are incredible hotels and rental homes in the area, as well as by the beach, just an hour away. Costa Rica transportation is not an issue. If you need families transportation Costa Rica, private transportation services are highly recommended.  You will not go through discomfort.

Costa Rica Adventure Tour

Guanacaste Province, the West part of the park, is an area that has developed greatly in favor of tourism. If you seek to spend a marvelous vacation and go on a fabulous Costa Rica adventure tour, you will have an awesome time. Families transportation Costa Rica will definitely not be an issue; you will have the time of your life!

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A Costa Rica Adventure Tour to Rincón de La Vieja National Park
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