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Book a Costa Rica shuttle service to the Ostional Refuge in Guanacaste

Choosing where to go during your stay in the beautiful province of Guanacaste is not an easy call, especially since there are so many adventure tours Costa Rica has for you that are worth taking a Costa Rica shuttle service to.

If you are currently planning on your future Costa Rica adventure and you are looking for a Costa Rica airport transportation, then you came to the right place. Guanacaste Viajes and Tours has the best Costa Rica shuttle in the province.

Organizing your trip can be very tiering, which is why we make things easy for you. We provide high quality private transportation services so that you can forget about your Costa Rica transportation worries and just enjoy your vacations.

We will help you get exactly where you want to be with the fastest private tours Costa Rica has to offer from the Liberia Costa Rica airport to experience every single Costa Rica adventure tour that is waiting for you in Guanacaste.

Since there are so many Costa Rica adventures to dive in to, we facilitate your choice by providing a detailed description of what to expect from every single outstanding Costa Rica adventure tour there is.

You will be especially interested in booking a Costa Rica shuttle service to a magnificent national refuge of rare animal species: the Ostional Wild Life Refuge. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Guanacaste.

According to tourists, there is no better Costa Rica transportation option than hiring a Costa Rica private driver with the private transportation services that Guanacaste Viajes and Tours has to offer.

Our Costa Rica shuttle service is characterized for being fast and safe, getting you to this amazing animal refuge as quickly and comfortably as it gets.

Because we don’t only care about providing the best Costa Rica airport transfer, but also about guaranteeing a satisfying holiday overall, we bring you a description of what to expect from the great Costa Rica adventure that is the Ostional Refuge.

That is why we inform you about everything you need to know before booking a Costa Rica shuttle service to the National Ostional Wildlife Refuge in the province of Guanacaste.

What is the Ostional Refuge?

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Joining the Nancite Beach near the Santa Rosa National Park, one of the most important adventure tours Costa Rica has in relation to turtle nesting is the National Ostional Wild Life Refuge, to which we offer Costa Rica transportation to.

Located in the Peninsula of Nicoya in Guanacaste, this marvelous national refuge has an extension of 200 meters around the beach, limited in the north by Punta India, and in the south by the beaches of Guiones and Nosara.

You can take a Costa Rica airport transfer to the National Ostional Wild Life Refuge with the private transportation services that Guanacaste Viajes and Tours has for you to witness the rare endangered turtles of this place.

Next to this refuge, you will find the very small and picturesque town of Ostional, to which you can also get a Costa Rica shuttle.

This place doesn’t only protect millions of turtles that arrive for nesting purposed every year, but it also takes care of and protects the marine wild life and birds around the area. It is a unique Costa Rica adventure that you certainly can’t miss.

In case you want to live this Costa Rica adventure tour in the best way possible, then hiring a Costa Rica private driver of Guanacaste Viajes and Tours to get you here will ensure a safe Costa Rica shuttle service.

It’s a stunning experience in which you will get to admire animal species that you have never seen before up close and personal. Booking our Costa Rica airport transfer services is the best choice you can make.

Wide variety of rare turtle species with our Costa Rica shuttle service

Surrounded by Ostional, Nosara, and Guiones Beach, the National Ostional Wild Life Refuge protects the Olive Ridley sea turtles, the leatherback turtles, and the green turtles of the pacific that come every year to mate and lay their eggs.

We recommend that you take a Costa Rica transportation to this place between July and December, which is when this nesting process is seen the most. When it comes to selecting a great Costa Rica adventure, Ostional is an excellent choice.

Even the Laud sea turtles from the Pacific arrive at the Ostional Refuge to lay their eggs. The biggest nesting wave registered in the refuge happened in the mid-90s when approximately 500 thousand sea turtles arrived at the beach

By scheduling a Costa Rica shuttle service to the amazing National Refuge of Ostional, you are setting yourself up for the most beautiful Costa Rica adventure tour when it comes to Guanacaste’s fauna.

This refuge was officially created in 1984, and it is actually one of the only places of the world where the recollection of turtle eggs is legally allowed. This fun fact amps up the experience and makes it a Costa Rica adventure that you must live.

The legalization was made official to prevent the theft of eggs and, at the same time, to help the community of Ostional. This project gives permission to the habitants of collecting and selling a percentage of eggs with every nesting.

More unique natural elements

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When you take a Costa Rica shuttle service to experience one of the best private tours Costa Rica has in stores, visiting the Ostional Refuge, you will notice that it’s not just the turtles that makes this Costa Rica adventure tour so special.

After you get here with our Costa Rica transportation, you will immediately witness the vast vegetation of the refuge, mainly constituted by characteristic trees and plants of sandy lands, like the coconut tree and the royal palm, amongst others.

Speaking of the fauna, there are much more animals than the highlighted sea turtles, such as some mammals and reptiles that you will only encounter in Ostional by taking a Costa Rica airport shuttle to this Costa Rica adventure.

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