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Costa Rica airport shuttle to the wonderful Nuevo Arenal

There are many unknown small areas that are rich in nature, flora and fauna in the area of Guanacaste, but none can compare to the beauty that’s found in Nuevo Arenal. This is why taking a Costa Rica airport shuttle to this place is essential.

It is a fantastic little town full of breathtaking landscapes that are picture worthy. If you’re looking for a Costa Rica adventure to hire a Costa Ria private driver to, then this is the best choice.

Nuevo Arenal holds a very special place in the hearts of Costa Ricans, since it has become an iconic cultural place in Guanacaste. Scheduling a Costa Rica shuttle from the Liberia Costa Rica airport to Nuevo Arenal is a brilliant idea.

In case you are asking yourself: why is Nuevo Arenal so appreciated by locals and tourists, then we have the answers that you are looking for. After you read this article, you will want to book a Costa Rica airport transportation to this place.

The private transportation services that Guanacaste Viajes and Tours provides are unlike any other touristic company in the province, because we bring a great variety in the private tours Costa Rica has in stores for tourists.

This magical region of Nuevo Arenal combines every natural element that people adore about Guanacaste, guaranteeing an unforgettable Costa Rica adventure tour.

What makes Guanacaste Viajes and Tours the perfect Costa Rica airport shuttle company is that it allows you to select from a wide diversity in adventure tours Costa Rica’s Guanacaste province has in touristic and recreational centers.

Nonetheless, if you are still indecisive about what Costa Rica adventure to experience first, you surely want to try out a Costa Rica shuttle to Nuevo Arenal.

In this article, we explain every single detail that you have to know in relation to the Costa Rica adventure tour to the natural phenomenon that is Nuevo Arenal.

What to expect from Nuevo Arenal?

Costa Rica airport shuttle

Known for its spectacular beauty, the region of Arenal in Costa Rica is a relevant touristic site with millions of visitors that arrive without Costa Rica airport shuttle and private transportation services options.

Located in the base of the Arenal Volcano, the most active volcano in the whole country, the small town of Nuevo Arenal is one of the most visited places in this area because it happens to be a very cozy Costa Rica adventure.

It is described as a calm picturesque town very nearby to the Arenal Lake, and it is known for its imposing views of the volcano and of the mountains. Take a Costa Rica airport transfer with one of our experienced Costa Rica airport drivers.

Guanacaste Viajes and Tours’ private transportation services and Costa Rica shuttles will get you here in no time from the Liberia Costa Rica airport.

Nueva Arenal stands out for being approximately 620 meters above the sea level, which explains why its weather remains cold and cool during the entire year. A Costa Rica adventure tour to this area is something you don’t want to miss.

By booking a Costa Rica private driver with the private transportation services of Guanacaste Viajes and Tours to take you on a Costa Rica airport shuttle to Nuevo Arenal, you can expect to have a great time with your loved ones.

Fun activities to do in Nuevo Arenal

For those who love the freedom of nature, a Costa Rica adventure tour to Nuevo Arenal is perfect during your stay in the area of the Liberia Costa Rica airport.

One of the most unique activities you can do is fishing in the Arenal Lake, characterized by its richness in fishes of freshwater. With strong winds that are present in this lake, you can dare to experience a windsurf Costa Rica adventure.

Another option is just relaxing through the stillness of the natural environment of Nuevo Arenal by walking around the lake, where you will have the opportunity of witnessing many rare birds’ species such as toucans and white eagles.

Admirers of birdwatching activities will surely find these private tours Costa Rica has very interesting, which is why you must book a Costa Rica shuttle to arrive at Nuevo Arenal in the best hands of Guanacaste Viajes and Tours.

The Arenal Lake is only the beginning of this Costa Rica adventure tour. You can count on the Costa Rica shuttle service of Guanacaste Viajes to take you to the Butterfly Farm and the Botanic Garden of Arenal.

These beautiful natural areas are both the home of a huge number of butterflies and rare birds. Plus, by hiring a Costa Rica private driver to the Botanic Garden, you will observe more than 1200 species of unique tropical Costa Rican plants.

Amongst these one of a kind plants that you encounter in this Costa Rica adventure we find many species of orchids, roses and ferns.

Health and lodgment services available

Costa Rica airport shuttle

In case you are worried about the basic needs in this Costa Rica shuttle in the town of Nuevo Arenal, you will find every important public service that you want.

You will find banks, a health clinic, drugstores, mini markets, a gas station, restaurants, hotels, bars and enough gift shops so you can remember this Costa Rica adventure tour.

Every professional Costa Rica private driver that we have will take you to any hotel or resort of your preference around this area.

For those who are interested in having the time of your lives in this Costa Rica adventure, one of the best aspects of Nuevo Arenal is its pretty active night life. Guanacaste Viajes and Tours has top notch Costa Rica shuttles to get here.

When you arrive with your Costa Rica airport shuttle to this area, make sure to stop in the very notorious local German Bakery and taste the delicious options available.

Now that you know what to expect from the Nuevo Arenal area, it is time for you to schedule a Costa Rica private driver from Guanacaste Viajes and Tours, the best company for private transportation services and Costa Rica shuttles in the country.

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