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Costa Rica Transportation when the Green Season Starts

Costa Rica transportation, public or private, is fairly good; however, when you visit a new country it is important to know a few things about important basic services. Regarding transportation, depending on the season, driving conditions are different; it is also important to consider the type of car and decide on the driving situation. A little detail like transportation can throw off a trip or make it better.

What is the Green Season?

The green season in Costa Rica starts in May and ends in December; it is another name for rainy season. During this time of frequent showers throughout the country, the flowers bloom and the lush forests seem to stand out; however, regarding transportation and tours in general, it is understandable that travelers may be concerned.

Are the Rains Too Strong During the Whole Season?

Although the season is called “rainy” that does not necessarily mean that it rains every day, everywhere, when it starts. Some may be too strong, some may be long; nevertheless, you need not to worry. Regarding how long or when to expect them, you can check the weather patterns; it may only rain in the afternoons in some places, just a little, or maybe not at all some days.

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This is an important factor to consider; because, depending on how you want to move around this wonderful country, rains may be a factor. If you are not thinking of hiring a Costa Rica private driver, but driving by yourself, be careful; it is important that you remember that you will be driving in an unknown territory with rain poring; it is not a good moment to get lost.

How are the Road Conditions during this Time?

You may believe that the road conditions may not be so favorable by the start of the green season; however, the case is quite the opposite. By the start of the green season, the conditions of the road may have received maintenance; plus, they have not been so much affected by the heavy rains. When the rainy or green season is starting, the conditions of the road are basically good.

Private Transportation Services

However, by the end of the rainy season and beginning of the dry season; the scenario is very different.  After long months of heavy and frequent rains, the roads have suffered and maintenance is almost impossible. When hiring Costa Rica transportation it is important to consider these factors; a big hole could leave you stranded if you don’t know the road.

Is it a Better Choice to get a Costa Rica Private Driver for Costa Rica Transportation?

It is not the only way to travel, you can get private transportation services or you can travel by yourself. Nevertheless; there are always risks to traveling on your own throughout the unknown. There are advantages of hiring private transportation services with a driver; one is that you don’t have to stress out about the time, reaching the destination or not resting.

Another one is that you eliminate the risk of taking a wrong turn and getting lost; secondly, you have the company of a local that will most likely be willing to point out amazing things on the way. You can hire Liberia airport shuttle service and be comfortable with your family, friends, loved and everyone in your group.

Are There Other Services Related to Costa Rica Transportation available?

Indeed there are. Costa Rica transportation will help you transport to fabulous destinations with all the family group, friends, workmates, significant others, etc. If there are special events, for example, the families transportation Costa Rica can be well taken care of; just book the private transportation services with time and ensure all the details of the event.

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There are other services like wedding transportation service Costa Rica where with just a call you can arrange arriving in your event on time and with class.

Are there other Factors to Consider?

Even though the public transportation is not bad, it is important to consider the weather. In this sense, it is also important to keep something in mind; the shuttles of public transportation will not necessarily have air conditioned or be so comfortable. So imagine a lot of rain falling but you are not able to turn on the A/C; it will also be hot… Not so nice, is it?

Any Advice for those Who don’t Seek a Private Driver?

First, this is not an impossible thing to do. You can drive without help, but it is important that you check the directions.  Also, it is advisable that you rent a 4×4 vehicle; there are many destinations with which you need to cross creeks or rivers and you don’t want to be stuck.

There are many services regarding Costa Rica transportation, wedding transportation service Costa Rica and other private transportation services; by choosing the correct agency for car rentals, you may ensure a successful trip!

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Costa Rica Transportation when the Green Season Starts
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