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Private Transportation Costa Rica to the Fabulous Arenal Volcano National Park

Hiring private transportation Costa Rica to visit the amazing Arenal Volcano National Park is an excellent decision; this fascinating park attracts many visitors to Costa Rica every year due to its incredible biodiversity. In addition, there are great adventures you can go on in the park and the landscapes are one of a kind. Arenal Volcano National Park is also conveniently located; it’s a must-visit destination!

Basic Information about the Fascinating Arenal Volcano National Park

The park is located on the border that divides Guanacaste from Alajuela Province and it protects 30 thousand acres of territory. The biggest attraction of the park is the impressive Arenal Volcano; this volcano is actually considered one of the top ten most active volcanoes of the world. In addition, the amazingly rich vegetation of the area is a result of the fertile soils of the volcanic formations. The park actually protects eight different life zones; it also has another volcano, but it is considered dormant. The volcano, however, has a beautiful lagoon that has formed over an extinct crater that is at its peak. In addition to great biodiversity and the two fabulous volcanoes, the area has incredible waterfalls, rivers, and hot springs, etc. The natural beauty here is mesmerizing!
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Flora and Fauna in the Arenal Volcano National Park

There several animal species in the park, an even some in danger of extinction; you can spot white-faced monkeys, deer, coatis, jaguars, snakes, moose, parrot snakes, and many others. In addition, you can see a big variety of birds, such as: the endangered quetzal, you can also see toucans and more. Almost all of the 850 species of birds identified in Costa Rica be spotted in this area. Regarding the vegetation of the area, you can see several tree species guayabo de monte, cirri, laurel; you can also see ferns, bromeliads, heliconias, orchids, strangler figs, and others. The incredible vegetation of the area allows for incredible private tours Costa Rica that takes place at the tree tops; if you want to have an incredible experience, go on a Costa Rica adventure tour in Arenal Volcano National Park.

Activities Available in Private Tours Costa Rica to the Arenal Volcano National Park

One of the most outstanding activities in Arenal Volcano National Park are the aerial activities; one example is the amazing Arenal sky tours. Private Transportation Costa Rica to the incredible Arenal Volcano National Park is a decision you will not regret; imagine seeing the rainforest from the air as you descend hanging from a zip line. If you enjoy adventure, this tour is for you.
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While in the park, you can hike up to either of the volcanoes, Arenal or Chato volcanoes. It is also important to know that due to the activity of Arenal Volcano, the conditions may get serious; if the emissions increase in a way that suggests safety might be compromised, the park could be closed. You can also bathe in hot springs, go bird watching or even visit the amazing Fortuna Waterfall.

La Fortuna Waterfall

The name of the waterfall means “fortune” in Spanish; it is located at the base of Chato Volcano. It forms two pools where it is possible to swim; they have beautiful clear waters. The waterfall has waters of the majestic Arenal River that flows down the beautiful rain forest of the park; the hike down leading to the waterfall is an amazing Costa Rica adventure tour. In addition, the lush vegetation and the animal diversity you can spot in the area are amazing; just being surrounded by these landscapes is un unforgettable experience.
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Private Transportation Costa Rica to Tourist Destinations and Airport Transfers Costa Rica

When you go on vacations, it’s important that you take care of every little detail in advance; the tours, the transportation and accommodation options are all very important to ensure having a good time. In this sense, hiring private transportation services to get to your destinations in Costa Rica is the best idea. Comfort during hot tropical weathers and heavy rains can make a difference in a nice ride. In this regard, you can hire private transportation services throughout the whole trip; the first thing you need to arrange is airport transfers Costa Rica. If you are going to enter and leave the country through Liberia airport, transportation will not be a problem. Liberia is actually located near Arenal Volcano National Park, which makes it very convenient.If you are searching for a beautiful and well-developed destination to spend your nights, there are many options; there are many towns of the Pacific Coastline of Guanacaste. These towns are located near Liberia Airport and Arenal Volcano National Park; therefore, private transportation Costa Rica to and from these locations should not be a problem at all. Thaks for read: ”Private Transportation Costa Rica to the Fabulous Arenal Volcano National Park”. Share or comment this post. You will love read: A Costa Rica Adventure Tour to Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge
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Private Transportation Costa Rica to the Fabulous Arenal Volcano National Park
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