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Travel Advice for First Time Visitors on a Costa Rica Adventure Tour

Going on a Costa Rica adventure tour has really become a trend among North Americans. More and more North American tourists come into the country every year. In 2016 alone as many as 2.6 million tourists came into the country, a million of them from the United States.

Costa Rica is a tropical country that attracts its tourists with its distinctive geography and incredible natural wonders.

Many come into the country attracted by its incredible Pacific and Caribbean beaches, some other for its mighty active volcanoes. Whatever brings you into the country, you will enjoy an incredible Costa Rica adventure tour.

If this is your first time visiting Costa Rica, it can be a bit difficult finding your way around the country. Particularly if you do not speak the language. Because of this, we will provide you with some advice about things you should keep in mind when visiting Costa Rica.

Where to stay during my Costa Rica adventure tour?

The first thing you that you want to establish before going on your Costa Rica adventure tour is where you want to stay. There a several incredibly beautiful exclusive resorts at Península Papagayo in Guanacaste, if you are looking for a luxurious stay.

Here, you will find the exclusive Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Península Papagayo. This incredible hotel is located on the shores of the Guanacaste Province’s Pacific coastline. Creating an elegant treehouse feel, all 132 rooms and 21 suites face Culebra Bay from a hillside perch.

Outdoor terraces offer immersive views of the Costa Rican tropical forest and beach. This view is contrasted with the rooms’ modern designs infused with natural materials in order to retain their local feel

Is Costa Rica transportation any good?

You could get around the country using only public Costa Rica transportation. However, public Costa Rica transportation is not actually very reliable and Costa Rica’s roads are not always in the best conditions.

For this reason, we recommend you hire private transportation services if you are planning to come into the country. Private transportation services range from car rentals and Costa Rica private driver to Liberia airport transfer.

Adventure tour costa rica service
Adventure tour costa rica service

If it is your first time visiting this beautiful tropical country, we recommend you hire a Liberia airport transfer. If you do, a team of professionals will be waiting for you at arrivals in the Liberia airport, Costa Rica. They will make sure you get to your hotel.

You will also need to hire some other private transportation services in order to get around the Guanacaste Province. Some tourist destinations are a bit far from each other and might prove problematic to reach.

You could hire a private Costa Rica shuttle service or rent a car, depending on the size of your party and your needs. In any case, we highly recommend your choice includes a Costa Rica private driver, after all a local driver will always know the roads better.

Are there any good places to have a nice dinner around the Guanacaste Province?

There are many excellent places to have dinner during your Costa Rica adventure tour around the Guanacaste Province. If you do decide to stay at the Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Península Papagayo, you will find 4 different restaurants there alone.

The Río Bongo Restaurant offers an excellent interactive breakfast experience. This restaurant offers stunning views atop their river-inspired pools. The restaurant offers a selection of international and local flavors for lunch, while dinner service elevates Costa Rican cuisine in an innovative way.

You will also find the Ostra Restaurant at the Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Península Papagayo. This excellent restaurant has more of a romantic signature than any of the other hotel’s restaurants. This restaurant offers the freshest seafood experience for your Costa Rica adventure tour.

What are some of the best destinations to visit in Guanacaste during my Costa Rica adventure tour?

Now that you have settled for staying around the Guanacaste Province, there are a couple of no-miss destinations around. First, you will want to visit the Guanacaste Province’s renowned “Gold Coast”, as they locally know the province’s Pacific coastline.

Costa Rica adventure tour packages
Costa Rica adventure tour packages

Playa Flamingo is one of the most popular beaches along the “Gold Coast” and one of its most beautiful as well. This white sand, crystal-clear water beach is the preferred point of departures for many incredible diving private tours Costa Rica.

From Playa Flamingo, you can take a diving private tours Costa Rica to the incredible Catalina Islands. This beautiful archipelago is one of the best locations for diving in Costa Rica’s Pacific waters. The Catalina Islands are located just in front of Playa Flamingo.

Playa Flamingo is located right in the middle of Guanacaste’s “Gold Coast”, only a 45-minute drive away from the Liberia airport, Costa Rica. This is a destination you will not want to ignore during your first ever Costa Rica adventure tour:

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Travel Advice for First Time Visitors on a Costa Rica Adventure Tour
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